FULL MOON IN ARIES & LUNAR ECLIPSE – How we end things is as important as how we begin them (September 27, 2015)

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 7:50 p.m. on Sunday, September 27. With this Full Moon, the Sun in Libra will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Aries. To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 5° of Libra and 5° of Aries in your birth/natal chart. The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

The power of this Full Moon is amplified by several factors. First, this is the fourth of four eclipses in a row, which is a relatively rare occurrence (usually eclipses occur in a string of three). It is also a Full Lunar Eclipse. Next, it is the second of three consecutive SuperMoons (see Full Moon in Pisces for explanation of SuperMoons); and of the three, this is the SuperMoon when the Moon is closest to the Earth, so the gravitational pulls on the Earth and our psyches are most intense. Finally, anytime you have an eclipse occur close to a solstice or equinox (i.e., September 23), this adds energy to the New or Full Moon involved. (NOTE: The Full Lunar Eclipse can best be viewed across the eastern USA, South American & western portions of Europe and Africa.)

All this being said, this is a time when we have opportunities to access new levels of consciousness, but we also can see our shadow sides emerge from our unconscious and demand attention. Emotions will be felt more strongly because our usual defense mechanisms aren’t going to be as effective at keeping them under wraps.

The focus of this Full Moon in Aries is relationships and commitment, and this can be within romantic relationships or partnerships of all kinds. Full Moons always involves two signs, and the goal is to balance (or re-balance) whatever is out of whack. We may become acutely aware that either we’ve been neglecting certain important relationships, or it could be that we’ve been abandoning ourselves in service to another. Issues of freedom may come to the forefront in various ways. We need to look now at how we are giving away our power, with the goal of achieving equality.

The Sun and Moon are also conjunct (0°) two points in space that are referred to as the North and South Nodes. It is likely many of us will feel like we are being asked to clarify our life purpose in some way. With the eclipse energy allowing new, higher levels of consciousness to come into our awareness, we have the opportunity to make some new choices. This may require that we release any desires from the past that no longer match who we want to be. We may emerge as a new version of ourselves; one that fully embraces the harmony and balance represented by the North Node in Libra.

On Thursday, September 24, three days before the Full Moon and just as the 3-day window of influence for the Full Moon begins, several events occur that make it a power-packed day:

  • Retrograde Mercury will form the second of three squares (90°) to Pluto (the others occurring on September 9 & October 22). We will feel a strong need to identify the “real issues” in any situation and then deal with them. And given we are just beginning the influence of the upcoming Full Moon, it is likely that the focus will be on relationships, partnerships, and commitments. However, especially given Mercury is still in retrograde, many of us may feel we are seeing “the truth” but we need to be aware that we are seeing it through the negative lens of often pessimistic Pluto. Although everyone wants to get along, conflicts are more likely due to those grey colored glasses and/or differing opinions about how to accomplish certain goals. We need to remember that everyone has a right to their opinion, even if those opinions differ from ours. Keeping an open mind could actually help conversations be transformed into deep, meaningful dialogue.
  • The same day (Thursday, September 24), Pluto ends its annual 5-month retrograde motion and begins moving direct again. Although the influence is subtle given how slowly Pluto moves through the sky, this forward motion can intensify our interactions including our disagreements. Pluto is about endings and new beginnings. During the retrograde period, we may have been thinking about activities and/or relationships that need to end and what we would like to begin. As Pluto begins moving direct again, we will likely feel ready to take action on these insights. It is important to remember that (a) in order to have successful beginnings, we often need to complete any ending and (b) how we end things is as important as how we begin them. The more truthful and loving we are with ourselves and others, the less baggage we will carry into the next chapter of our lives . . . and even into other lifetimes.
  • Mixed support for any relationship conflicts is provided by Mars entering Virgo on Thursday, September 24, where it will remain until November 13. For the next 7 weeks, everyone may feel more inclined to find practical solutions to any problems at hand. Many of us will become workhorses with a passion for details. However, the perfectionistic side of Virgo could cause any of today’s disagreements to intensify if one or both parties digs in their heels and believes that there is only one “right way” to find a resolution.

The very next day (Friday, September 25), Mars will square (90°) Saturn and oppose (180°) the Moon. We may have been trying hard to prepare for something, only to find that Saturn wants to point out the flaws in our plans. It can be a very frustrating day and angry outbursts could result. It will help to remember that Saturn’s role isn’t to cause any short-term problems. It is meant to help us see things more clearly so we have a solid foundation for long-term success. This will happen only if we can make the necessary adjustments that are suggested by Saturn’s analysis.

On Wednesday, September 30, the Sun will conjunct (0°) retrograde Mercury. It could be that this is a 1-day window of opportunity during Mercury’s retrograde phase in which we are able to communicate clearly and solve problems efficiently. However, this will more than likely put the spotlight on what issues need to be looked at more carefully in our lives before any long-term decisions can be made. Whenever possible, remember that it is always in the best interest of all involved to move toward win-win situations with others, which is especially true now due to all the focus on relationships.

On Tuesday, October 6, the Sun will square (90°) Pluto. The light will shine (Sun) into the shadows (Pluto), and we will want to get to the bottom of things. Unfortunately, now is not the best time to take action. Impatience, compulsive actions, and abuse of power are all possibilities for the few days before and after this aspect. We could also experience a crisis of conscience, passionate showdowns fueled with demands for attention, and/or fears that cloud our judgment. If you find yourself wanting to force matters, remember that what is yours will come to you . . . and what is not yours will disappear. Allow things to unfold naturally. This is a time, though, to explore your own power . . . the type of power that comes from a strong sense of self and not from manipulation or using force. Our goal should be to eliminate anything that keeps us from shining our true inner light. It is also helpful now to look for where trust is important.

Later that same day (Tuesday, October 6), retrograde Mercury will sextile (60°) Saturn, which can be a good time to get things organized, deal with work involving detail, and prepare for the future. However, Mars will also be opposing (180°) Neptune that day. We may feel like we can set things straight with someone (or a group), but the influence of Neptune could cause us to not see things clearly, leave us feeling weak or defeated, and make us want to find a quick way out. Rather than trying to find a way to escape, this is an excellent time to reach out to compassionate others who can provide you with the kindness you need to make it through the day.

Venus leaves dramatic Leo on Thursday, October 8, and enters Virgo, where it will remain until November 9. Love will be expressed in practical ways during this month-long stay in Virgo, such as running errands or just being there for those we care about. We will enjoy doing a job efficiently and doing it well. It is a good time to tackle complicated tasks because what we need will be drawn to us. Even problems that usually would be irritating could be more easily handled now. We may enjoy serving others more than we usually do.

Mercury ends its final retrograde phase of 2015 and begins moving direct again on Friday, October 9. The flow of information will pick up pace and making decisions will seem easier as the days and weeks pass. If we have “stepped up” and done the reviewing, reevaluation, and reconsidering called for during these three retrograde phases of Mercury this year (all in mental air signs), then we will feel more ready to meet the challenges that are in front of us. This will be because we have let go of old belief systems or stories based on our past, and we have increased our ability to tap into and trust our intuition. The result is that we will be standing on much firmer ground as we move forward into the fall months.

One final way to interpret this potent Full Moon in Aries, SuperMoon, and Lunar Eclipse is to ask ourselves if we need to find a better balance between the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves, our relationships, and in society as a whole. We have the possibility now for developing an entirely new way of being if we can work toward integration and respect for the power inherent in both ways of being in the world. We all need to avoid becoming co-dependent, being a victim, and/or seeing ourselves as someone else’s Source. We can be channels for Source energy and wisdom, but each of us has our own Divine connection that will supply us with what we need. Our goal is mutual empowerment and clarity of purpose. When we have self-respect and respect for those around us, then we have the opportunity to create far more together than individually. This is a good time to remember that “Open-minded people do not impose their beliefs on others. They just accept all of life’s perspectives and realities, doing their own thing in peace without judgment.” (Unknown)


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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 5° of Aries

  • Sunday, September 27, 7:50 p.m. PDT
  • Sunday, September 27, 10:50 p.m. EDT
  • Monday, September 28, 2:50 a.m. GMT

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