FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS – Strive to make the complicated awesomely simple (July 31, 2015)

Astrology-New-Moon-Full-MoonIn the Pacific Time Zone, the Moon will be full at 3.42 a.m. on Friday, July 31. With this Full Moon, the Sun in Leo will be in opposition (180°) to the Moon in Aquarius. To further clarify how this Full Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 8° of Leo and 8° of Aquarius in your birth/natal chart. The issues associated with those two houses are going to be most impacted by this Full Moon’s presence.

Full Moons shine brightly and shed light onto the two signs that are involved. This Full Moon occurs while the Sun is in Leo, which is where the Sun shines more brightly than usual because Leo is ruled by the Sun. So this is a very bright, high-intensity Full Moon!

Additionally, all Full Moons require that we find a balance between the qualities of the two signs involved. With this month’s Full Moon, those signs are Leo and Aquarius. Leo is all about personal creativity, self-expression, and where we can shine our unique light in the world. Aquarius is about collective creativity, group endeavors, and where we can contribute toward humanity’s evolution. So with this Aquarius Full Moon, our goal is to discover how we can begin to (or deepen our ability to) use the power of our individual intention and the collective consciousness to create our reality, both personally and on a societal level.

On the same day as the Full Moon (Friday, July 31), Venus (which is currently in retrograde) moves backwards into the sign of Leo. Many of us will find ourselves more concerned than usual about grace, beauty, and charm. We need to embrace our inner beauty now. Our self-confidence and creativity will be activated, and how we will shine the brightest right now is when we speak and act from our heart. This is a good time to smile, laugh, hug, create, shine, lead, compliment others, pamper ourselves, and beautify our surroundings.

The day after the Aquarius Full Moon (Saturday, August 1), Saturn in Scorpio will end its annual 5-month retrograde phase (which began on March 14). While moving in retrograde, Saturn asked us to dig deep and be honest with ourselves (the Scorpio influence) as we reassessed our limits and boundaries, released any emotional attachments or self-defeating patterns, reviewed our relationship to authority and power, and revaluated where we need to be more realistic and responsible. Many of us may have felt pulled back into responsibilities from the past, and some of us may have felt unable to think about our long-term plans and goals. For those who have taken advantage of these last five months to do this inner work, there will likely be slow but steady forward motion toward achieving those goals. Some may even see big leaps forward and rapid progress, especially after Saturn reenters Sagittarius on September 17.

On the same day that it begins moving forward again (Saturday, August 1), Saturn forms a quick but powerful t-square (right triangle). Saturn will square (90°) both the Moon and Jupiter, which are in opposition (180°) to each other. This could mean that the first day of August is the most tension-filled day of this Full Moon period. This is because the Moon will be in freedom-loving Aquarius, which will cause us to want to break free from anything external that feels restrictive. And opposing that energy will be Jupiter in Leo, which will want us to be involved in meaningful activities where we feel we belong and are appreciated. And then there’s Saturn squaring both of them, reminding us to look carefully before making any changes so we can create long-term structures and avoid any consequences due to impulsive actions/decisions.

Throughout the first few week of August, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all in Leo and they will be squaring (90°) Saturn in Scorpio. This is a powerful time! We may be asked to look more carefully at how we can reconcile our beliefs with our goals. Be careful not to exclude others, spend more money than we can reasonably afford, and/or avoid important conversations about differences in values. It’s very important now to keep our ego in check because if we don’t, there could be some karmic payback coming our way. As much as possible, operate from a place of unconditional love. It’s not that we shouldn’t embrace any increased feelings of self-confidence, but we should also stay sincere and genuine. Given Jupiter is also in the last few degrees of Leo, this could mean that we will be expanding in a way that is big, bright, and impactful. However, Saturn’s presence will make sure we keep both feet firmly planted on the ground.

On Sunday, August 2, a trine (120°) between Mercury and Uranus may provide powerful insights. Mercury is associated with reason, and Uranus with higher consciousness. This free-flowing aspect could bring original ideas that result in new and more effective ways of communicating and expressing our unique energy in the world. It may be helpful to talk things over with like-minded friends and supporters. Our intuition is greatly enhanced and solutions may seem to come to us “out of the blue.”

As part of this time period, Venus will make its second of three conjunctions with Jupiter on Tuesday, August 4. This can be a day when we feel very generous and our hearts can open to new possibilities. We may be tempted to exaggerate or spend too much; but overall, this is a very auspicious time for the formation of new relationships and for embarking on new financial endeavors. We will likely want to play with friends and enjoy life’s pleasures . . . and we should! In fact, time spent in fun and relaxation may be a catalyst for solutions to magically pop into our mind, especially when Mercury conjoins (0°) Venus and Jupiter on Thursday, August 6.

Thursday, August 6, also sees a supportive trine (120°) between Mars and Saturn. This could usher in more stable, calm energy that will help us objectively examine where we may have not taken our fair share of responsibility (or where others haven’t). Everyone will have the potential to approach emotional issues with more objectivity and honesty than usual. The focus on communication is partly due to Mercury being in the final degree of Leo. On Friday, August 7, Mercury will conjunct (0°) Venus and exactly square (90°) Saturn. We may need to talk with someone if we are feeling unloved or unappreciated (or they may need to talk with us). Saturn will help us see our part in any situation, especially if the lines of communication have recently been unclear.

Also on Friday, August 7, Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo, where it will remain until August 28. Our thoughts and words will no longer be colored by dramatic Leo. Instead, precision in our words and speech will be of the utmost importance. We will become discerning and analytical about what is useful (or not), because we will want to be practical. Some of us may find the work-focused energy of Virgo a breath of fresh air because we will be distracted from recent dramatic events. This will be a good time period (barring other influences) to deal with details, but be careful not to “lose the forest for the trees.” Also, be aware that others may feel we are too detached or analytical, so don’t forget to show some compassion and caring when communicating with others.

But we aren’t done with dramatic Leo yet! The Sun is still in Leo and on Saturday, August 8, Mars begins a 7-week stay in the sign of the lion. This is a playful placement for Mars, and it’s usually a time when we feel more self-confident and courageous. We will likely feel ready to go after what we want, and we will do so in a direct, self-assured manner. Although we will feel motivated to be physically active, we should be careful not to overdo it or take unnecessary risks in order to impress someone.

On Tuesday, August 11, Jupiter moves out of Leo and into Virgo, where it will remain for 13 months (until September 2016). While in Leo, Jupiter’s expansive energy lit fires of creativity. Now, in work-oriented Virgo, we shift to being more analytical, discerning, pragmatic, and solution seeking. We may feel a strong urge to simplify our lives in some way, and we may find that “less is more.” Our focus will shift from external creations to doing “good works” in the world. Because Jupiter in Virgo increases our desire for meaningful experiences, some may even seek out new work where they can experience greater satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. However, for those satisfied with their work, this will be a positive and productive time. Many of us may also become much more focused on our inner health and healing. During this 13-month stay in Virgo, Jupiter will urge us to clarify our values and find more ways to bring the sacred into our lives. All of this will require the use of discernment to determine what is and isn’t meaningful to us.

Finally, Mercury will oppose (180°) Neptune on Wednesday, August 12, which could make us feel like our minds have moved out of the sunshine and into a very thick bank of fog. Communication difficulties may result, with both our words and the words of others not always being clear or representing what we really mean. Attention to detail and mental clarity can be compromised today, so it would be best to put off signing any contract or making any final decisions until later this week.

Overall, this Full Moon in Aquarius is asking us to shine our unique light wherever we can be of the greatest good to those we love and to society. Be courageous and generous. It’s important now to be true to yourself and contribute your gifts to whatever group you consider your “peeps.” If you haven’t figured out who your people are, then this is a good time to explore that issue. Additionally, with so many planets changing signs and directions during the days following the Full Moon, this could be a time for some radical change(s) in our lives. Avoid impulsive decisions or actions. Make sure that the foundation of any idea is solid and well-thought out. The increasingly strong energy of discerning Virgo will help with that. And remember, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that is creative.” (Charles Mingus)


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  • New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.


Full Moon at 8° of Aquarius

  • Friday, July 31, 3:42 a.m. PDT
  • Friday, July 31, 6:42 a.m. EDT
  • Friday, July 31, 10:42 a.m. GMT

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