COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Visitors to the Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center (IWWC)

Reception Area of Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center
Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center


We take very seriously our commitment to create an environment that promotes the health and safety of those using our services.  In order to protect everyone involved, the IWWC has developed the following COVID-19 Safety Protocols, which are based on guidance provided by several governmental agencies.


Face coverings/masks & social distancing required at IWWC due to COVID-19

In order to comply with mandates from the State of California, face coverings/masks are required for those entering or spending time at the Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center.

The IWWC’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols include, but are not limited to (a) wearing a face covering mask over your mouth and nose and (b) practicing social distancing.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that if you do not agree to abide by these requirements, then you will not be allowed to enter the IWWC or you will be asked to leave. 

EXCEPTIONS: There are no exceptions to wearing a face covering/mask unless (a) you provide us with written documentation of a medical or psychological condition that would prohibit the wearing a face covering/mask or (b) you have a child with you that is 2 years old or younger (but adults must still wear face cover/mask).


Additional COVID-19 Safety Protocols for those visiting the IWWC

The following will apply to everyone who is visiting the IWWC:

  • The front door of the IWWC will remain locked during office hours. 
  • Please knock if you would like to enter the IWWC.   This will allow our Office Manager the time she needs to put on her mask before unlocking and opening the door.
  • As stated above, everyone entering the IWWC is required to wear a face covering.
    • This can be a disposable or reusable cloth face mask. 
      • NOTE:  If you do not have a mask with you, a disposable mask will be provided. 
    • The mask must remain securely placed over your mouth and nose during your time inside the IWWC. 
    • If you are using a disposable mask, you must dispose of it after you leave the IWWC. 
  • Before entering the IWWC:
    • We may take your temperature to be sure you don’t have a fever.
    • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer.
  • Before leaving, you will again be asked to use hand sanitizer before touching the door handle. 
  • While you are inside the IWWC, please maintain a distance of 6′ of more from all IWWC staff members and visitors to the IWWC, whenever possible. 
  • Although we will be sanitizing commonly used surfaces as often as possible, we cannot control everything.  Therefore, here are some of the objects or locations that you will need to be used “at your own risk”:
    • Objects in the retail store
    • Sample card decks and runes
    • Billets on front desk
    • Fliers & brochures
    • The kitchen (e.g., tea, refrigerator, microwave)
    • The Theme Building’s bathrooms
      • NOTE:  If you use the bathrooms, you will be required to use hand sanitizer as soon as you return to the IWWC.

REMINDER:  Please do not come to the IWWC if you are feeling sick, have a cough, or have knowingly been exposed to or tested positive for the COVID-19 virus within the last 2 weeks

The requirements and recommendations regarding COVID-19 are fluid and ever-evolving.  The IWWC’s Safety Protocols will be reviewed regularly and updated whenever changes are warranted.

Thank you for your patience and for joining with us in protecting the health and well-being of all those entering the IWWC. 


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.