COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Renters at the Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center (IWWC)


The health and safety of Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center’s (IWWC) employees, renters, and clients are our highest priority.  We believe that it is our responsibility to create a safe environment for everyone who uses our facilities. 

In order to protect everyone involved, the IWWC has developed COVID-19 Safety Protocols (IWWC Protocols).  They are based on guidance provided by government agencies, including the CDC and OSHA.  These protocols are in addition to all other governmental safety protocols.  

Due to social distancing constraints related to architectural limitations (e.g., narrow pathways, lack of multiple exits), the functions performed at the IWWC primarily place employees, renters, and clients at “medium exposure risk,” according to the CDC and OSHA.  In locations with a “medium risk factor,” face masks are “strongly recommended” in order to reduce exposure risk to employees, renters, and those being served. 

Therefore, all employees, renters, and clients will be required to follow the IWWC’s Protocols when at the IWWC.   These protocols include social distancing (i.e., maintaining a distance of 6’ whenever possible) and wearing face coverings.  It is believed that these efforts will reduce the risk of community transmission of the COVID-19 virus.


Face Covering Protocol

You and your clients should be wearing a face mask when you arrive at the IWWC and when leaving the IWWC.  While at the IWWC, a face mask will be required when others are present with you at the IWWC and you are likely to be located within 6’ of others.

A disposable or cloth face mask is acceptable.  The mask must be secure and must cover both your nose and mouth.

Instructions regarding how to safely put on and remove face masks is available online at  

Masks should not be removed and placed on a surface.  If a mask is placed on a surface, the surface should be disinfected as soon as the mask has been removed. 


Exceptions to Face Mask Policies

  • You can remove your face mask if you are working alone at the IWWC or when you are in a stable position that is located at least 6’ away from anyone else working at the IWWC (e.g., when seated in one of the rental rooms and others are located at least 6’ away). 
  • If you are seated by an open or unlocked door that is located less than 6’ away, this means that someone can enter at any time.  Therefore, you should be wearing your face mask when seated within 6’ of an open or unlocked door.   
  • Employees, renters, and clients who wish to eat or drink while within the IWWC may lower their mask to do so, provided that (a) they are located at least 6’ away from others and (b) they perform necessary hand hygiene after they are done.  Employees, renters, and clients should replace their face mask as soon as they are done eating or drinking.   

We understand that there are situations in which the health or safety of yourself or your clients might be put at risk by wearing a face mask.  Unfortunately, you will not be permitted to rent at the IWWC unless IWWC Protocols are followed.


Provision of Safety Equipment

  • Please plan to provide your own disposable or reusable cloth face mask.
  • If you or your clients fail to bring a mask with you, then the IWWC will have a supply of disposable face masks available in the kitchen. 
  • If a disposable mask is used, it should only be used once and then thrown out after leaving the IWWC. 


Social Distancing & Square Footage

We have carefully measured the rental rooms to determine the maximum number of people who can be present while still maintaining at least 6’ distance between those in each room.  Please do not exceed the following room capacity:

  • Small Session Room – This room does not allow for a distance of 6’
  • Healing Room – 3 people max
  • Medium Session Room – 5 people max
  • Large Classroom – 11 people max


Sanitation Procedures

Although IWWC’s staff will disinfect commonly touched surfaces as often as possible, there is much that is beyond our control.  For example, the IWWC is a “self-service” rental space, which means another renter could have been in the room you are using before we have been at the IWWC to do any disinfecting.  Similarly, a renter could come in immediately after you to use the room that you just used. 

Therefore, please observe the following recommendations regarding the use of the IWWC:

  • Be aware that the person who previously used that room may not have disinfected surfaces or objects in the common rooms of the IWWC (e.g., front door, reception desk, kitchen) and/or in the room you are renting. 
  • We recommend that you bring disinfectant with you (e.g., Clorox wipes) in order to ensure all surfaces are safe for you and your clients to touch.
  • You may wash your hands for 20 seconds in our kitchen or in the Theme Building’s bathroom.  If the bathrooms are used, please be sure to use hand sanitizer as soon as you re-enter the IWWC.
  • After you are done with your rental time, please be sure to disinfect all surfaces before leaving.
  • NOTES: 
    • Please be careful not to leave chemicals on the surface of the massage table or on wood surfaces.  Wipe them off thoroughly to avoid damage. 
    • You may need to use Windex to clean off glass tops located on wood furniture.  However, be Windex or ammonia-based products do not kill viruses and should not be used for sanitizing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although we encourage you to bring your own, the IWWC does have a supply of disinfectant and cleaning supplies underneath the sink in the kitchen.  If used, please be sure to return unused supplies to the same location so that others can use them.    

If any rags are used, please place them into a plastic grocery bag.  Empty grocery bags are available in the broom closet.  You can place the bag with the soiled rags inside the broom closet. 

Additionally, there are some areas that you and your clients will need to use “at your own risk.”  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Kitchen (e.g., refrigerator, microwave, tea, snack bars)
  • Objects in lobby (e.g., retail store, sample decks of cards, runes, billets)
  • Bathrooms in the Theme Building
  • Kleenex


Important Directions for Healers

  • Healing Room
    • We will leave the massage table up.
    • We will leave the IWWC’s bedding on the table so that the room looks nice for you, your clients, and those visiting the IWWC.
    • You are required to bring bedding with you. 
    • We have removed all extra sheets and blankets from this room, and they have been placed in a locked location.
    • You are to remove the pillow from the massage table and you can then place your bedding (e.g., a flat twin sheet) over the IWWC’s bedding.  Alternatively, you can remove the IWWC’s bedding and place yours onto the massage table.  If you choose this option, please be sure to replace the IWWC’s bedding before leaving the IWWC.
    • In order to protect the surface of the massage table and for sanitary reasons: 
      • Do not allow your client to lie down on the IWWC’s bedding without covering it with a sheet or blanket, which you will provide for this purpose. 
      • Do not remove the IWWC’s bedding and then allow your client to lie down on the massage table without any covering on it.    
    • Be sure to take all of your bedding with you when you leave.
  • Medium Session Room
    • You may use one of the massage tables that are located in the Large Classroom, (assuming a class is not currently meeting in that room).
    • You are required to bring bedding with you. 
    • We have removed all extra sheets and blankets from this room, and they have been placed in a locked location.
    • In order to protect the surface of the massage table and for sanitary reasons, do not allow your client to lie down on the massage table without any covering on it.



  • Do not come to the IWWC if you are feeling sick, have a cough, or have knowingly been exposed to or tested positive for the COVID-19 virus within the last 2 weeks. 
  • Even when wearing a mask, please continue to practice social distancing when possible.  Masks are not a replacement for social distancing. 
  • Although washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the best protection, the IWWC will provide hand sanitizer in various locations. 
  • Please avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while at the IWWC. 
  • Do not hug, kiss, or “elbow bump” others while at the IWWC.


Final Notes

  • We have removed all pencils and pens from the IWWC front desk and rental rooms.  Please plan to bring your own writing utensil(s) with you. 
  • The requirements and recommendations regarding COVID-19 are fluid and ever-evolving.  The IWWC’s protocols will be reviewed regularly and updated whenever changes are warranted.  


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.