COVID-19 Safety Protocols for In-Person Reiki & Karuna Reiki Classes



Our heart goes out to everyone who has been and who continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been a time of unparalleled individual commitment, dedication, sacrifice, and social cohesiveness that we believe will eventually have far-reaching and very positive ramifications for humanity.

We also recognize that we are all longing to return to familiar experiences, and we know that everyone benefits when they feel welcome, included, and part of a community, like IMPART. We are pleased that many of you have chosen to enroll in our online offerings, and we hope you will continue to do so.


Resuming In-person Classes

At the time of this writing, social distancing restrictions are slowly being eased. Therefore, we have been exploring our options. This includes determining how much space we have available at the Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center (IWWC). The issue of space has to be part of our decision-making process due to the likelihood that social distancing requirements will be in effect for the time being.

Based on our measurements, the only classes that can safely be offered in-person are those with a class-size limit of 10 students. Therefore, Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes will be offerred in-person at the IWWC. All other IMPART classes will be offered online. However, our goal is to begin offering ALL of our classes in-person, as soon as it is safe to do so.


Our Decision to Offer In-person Reiki & Karuna Reiki Classes

During this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the world needs the healing power of Reiki more than ever! However, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes are traditionally offered in-person, which became impossible in mid-March 2020 with the implementation of strict social distancing requirements in the State of California.

We are not here to judge those who are offering distance Usui Reiki attunements. However, we here at IMPART have found that Reiki classes are more effective if they are taught in-person. Additionally, we are authorized to offer Karuna Reiki classes through the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), and the ICRT requires that (a) those enrolling in Karuna Reiki classes must complete prerequisite Reiki classes in-person and (b) that all Karuna Reiki classes must be offered in-person.

Therefore, beginning in June 2020, we are planning to offer Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes in-person, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Safety Protocols for In-person Reiki & Karuna Reiki Classes

As with all IMPART classes and events, we are committed to providing services that support the health, safety, and well-being of those we serve as they explore and expand their connection to Spirit.

In order to do our best to protect the well-being of IMPART students and staff members during this pandemic, we will need to implement the following temporary safety protocols

  • As a reminder, the most important steps you can take to stay healthy and protect yourself and those around you are to:
    • Wash or sanitize your hands often for at least 20 seconds each time.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • Sneeze and cough into a disposable tissue.
  • Changes to the Reiki & Karuna Reiki classes:
    • Class size will be limited to 10 students or less.
    • We will have to temporarily rescind the offer to let previously enrolled students repeat Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes for free. 
    • We will not be able to use assistants in Reiki I, Reiki II, or Reiki III/ART classes.
    • All students attending Reiki or Karuna Reiki classes will need to agree to the following:
      • When you arrive at the door of the IWWC:
        • Your temperature will be checked.  If you have a fever or show signs of illness (e.g., cough), you will not be allowed to attend class. 
        • You will be asked to use the hand-sanitizer available at the door. 
      • Masks:
        • All students will be required to wear masks that cover their nose and mouth. 
        • If you do not bring a mask with you, a complimentary paper/disposable mask will be provided to you. 
        • A mask must be worn when you arrive, when moving within the IWWC, when receiving attunements, when involved in practice sessions with another student, and when leaving the IWWC. 
          • NOTE:  Even when wearing a mask, we ask that everyone work diligently to maintain a distance of 6’ between you and others whenever possible. 
        • During the lecture portion of the class, you may choose to take off your mask, but only if you remain seated.
        • Because masks must be removed when you eat or drink, you will need to be located either at your seat in the Large Classroom or outside when consuming food or liquids.
      • Seating:
        • All chairs will be carefully positioned so they are 6’ away from the nearest person, including in front of, on each side, and behind each student. 
        • Chairs are not to be moved.
        • In the past, some students choose to bring their own chair (e.g., camp chair).  That will not be possible.  You must use the folding chair provided for you.
        • If you prefer to sit on the floor, you can do so.  Let the instructor know and the folding chair will be removed.  However, you must be seated in the same designated area of that the chair was located. 
      • Class material: 
        • The virus has been known to remain active on paper for up to 24 hours, therefore all manuals and handouts will be prepared approximately 48 hours in advance. 
        • Tables will be set up at each chair in the Large Classroom.
          • NOTE:  If you do not want to use a table, let the instructor know and it will be removed.
        • All class material (e.g., manuals, handouts, scratch paper) will be placed on the table approximately 48 hours in advance. 
        • In Reiki classes, your Certificate of Completion will be placed on a table and that will be your assigned location in the class.
        • In Karuna Reiki classes, you can select your own seat. You can either choose to (a) pick up your Certificate of Completion at the IWWC once it’s ready (within 1 week) or (b) have your Certificate of Completion mailed to you within 1 week of the class (your current mailing address will be collected during the class).
      • Attunements:
        • Attunements are rituals that activate the healing energy.  These are required during all Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes.  During attunements, the Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master will (a) need to be less than 6’ away from each student and (b) will need to touch the student (e.g., hands, shoulders, top of the head).  Therefore, more stringent safety protocols will need to be implemented:
          • The Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master conducting the attunements will wear a face mask and plexiglass face shield.
          • The students receiving attunements will be required to wear a face mask and plexiglass face shield (provided by IMPART).
            • NOTE:  Students will be required to keep the mask and face shield in place even when not personally being attuned because the Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master may need to stand near you while doing an attunement on one of your classmates. 
          • At the conclusion of each attunement, the Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master will use hand sanitizer before approaching the next student. 
          • If the student would like to receive hand sanitizer at the end of his/her attunement, he/she will only need to put out his/her hands and the Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master will provide some. 
      • Practice healing sessions
        • Practice healing sessions are also required during Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III/ART, Karuna I, and Karuna II classes.  As with attunements, these practice sessions will be conducted with students less than 6’ from each other.  Therefore, more stringent safety protocols will need to be implemented:
          • All students will work in pairs (rather than small groups) in order to reduce exposure to multiple classmates.
          • ONLY hands-off techniques will be permitted during healing sessions.
          • If a student needs assistance to get up or down from a massage table, a step stool should be used (provided by IMPART).  The student should not be touched/aided in getting on or off the massage table. 
          • The student providing the healing must wear a face mask and plexiglass face shield (provided by IMPART).
          • The student receiving a healing must wear a face mask and plexiglass face shield (provided by IMPART).
          • The sheet covering the massage table (provided by IMPART) will be changed between each healing. 
          • All sheets will be laundered by IMPART before use in another class. 
          • NOTE: NOTE: Reiki Master students are required to practice conducting Reiki attunements.  During these practice sessions, students will not be paired up with another student. Instead, they will practice with an empty chair.
          • NOTE: Karuna Reiki Master students are required to practice conducting Karuna Reiki attunements. Students will be given the option to either (a) practice with an empty chair or (b) work with a partner. If the latter option is chosen, then both students will be required to wear both masks and face shields given they will be less than 6′ away from each other during the practice session.
      • NOTE:  The plexiglass face shield provided by IMPART will be carefully sanitized before being used by students.


Additional Safety Protocols at the Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center (IWWC)

  • Safety measures:
    • Please do not attend class and/or visit the IWWC during office hours if you are feeling sick, have a cough, or have been exposed to COVID-19.
    • All commonly touched surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant before each class.
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be available in various locations in the IWWC.
    • If you wish to wash your hands, please do so either in the bathrooms in the Theme Building or the IWWC’s Kitchen.
  • Social distancing:
    • When attending a class or visiting the IWWC, please do your best to maintain 6’ distance between you and others, including IMPART staff members.
    • Only 1 person should move through a doorway at a time, which includes the front door to the suite.
    • Sadly, no hugs, kisses, or “elbow bumps” are permitted.
  • The front desk:
    • The Receptionist will be available to check you in, answer any questions you might have, and handle any purchases that you wish to make or upcoming classes you wish to pay for. 
    • The Receptionist will sanitize objects used by staff and students, as needed (e.g., square card reader).
    • Please do not go behind the desk for any reason.
  • The kitchen
    • The kitchen in the IWWC is very narrow which will make social distancing more difficult. 
    • We ask that no more than 2 people be in the kitchen at any time.
    • If 2 people are present in the kitchen at the same time, we ask that they move carefully around the exterior edges of the room.
    • The use of items in the kitchen will need to be “at your own risk” (e.g., refrigerator, microwave, disposable utensils, tea, snack bars).
  • Lobby area
    • So people do not have to touch the door knob to open the front door, we plan to have the front door to our suite open at the beginning and end of each class and also during breaks.  This means that mosquitoes could get into the IWWC.  If you are prone to being bitten, please plan accordingly (e.g., wear long pants, wear socks).
  • Miscellaneous issues
    • The IWWC will temporarily be unable to provide you with the following:
      • Pencils, so please plan to bring your own writing utensil with you to classes.
      • Scratch paper, although some will be provided with manuals in your Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes.
      • Blankets and seat cushions.  Therefore, if you wish to sit on a blanket on the floor, put a pad on the seat of your chair, and/or use a blanket for warmth, please plan to bring these with you.
    • We cannot control everything, and in the following situations it will be impossible to guarantee (a) 6’ of social distance between users and/or (b) the sanitation of the objects involved.  Therefore, the following will need to be used “at your own risk.”
      • The retail store area in the lobby.
      • The sample decks of oracle & tarot cards that are located in the lobby.
      • The sample runes and interpretive card.
      • The billets with special words on them.
      • The bathrooms in the Theme Building.


Our promise to you

We have been and will continue to monitor this situation carefully, and we will continue to adapt as new information becomes available. Consequently, the safety protocols described above will be reviewed regularly and modified, as needed. 

Thank you for your patience and for trusting us to be a partner in protecting your health and well-being. As we all venture into this “current normal” that feels far from normal, we here at IMPART approach our responsibility with the utmost seriousness.

We will get through this . . . together.


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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.