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Advanced Astrology: Advanced Natal Chart Interpretation, Transits, and Much More!

Instructor:  Anne Reith, Ph.D.


This is where we develop a lifelong partnership with astrology!

In Beginning Astrology: Understanding Yourself and Others, Anne focused on helping you learn about yourself from the perspective of your Natal (AKA Birth) Chart.  In the process, you built a firm foundation upon which to build a sturdy house (i.e., your future learning in the field of astrology).

During Anne’s Intermediate Astrology: Aspects, Configurations, Patterns, and Basic Chart Interpretation course, you built your house on that solid foundation!  You learned how well the different rooms of your house (i.e., houses) and the “people” (i.e., planets) within the rooms get along (i.e., aspects).  You also learned how to pull together all the information into a basic natal chart interpretation.

In this Advanced Astrology: Advanced Natal Chart Interpretation, Transits, and Much More! course, you get to decorate your home and do some landscaping (e.g., advanced topics in natal chart interpretation).  Additionally, you will learn how to (a) anticipate the ways in which you and the people in the house will evolve and change over time (i.e., transits, progressions) and (b) whether or not your home will get along with other homes (i.e., composite charts, synastry).

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Advanced Astrology Course Objectives

Although certain topics will be covered (e.g., transits), the content of this advanced-level course will be, in part, determined by the interests of the students who enroll.  Topics will not be covered in depth, as each topic could take years of study to master.  Instead, the class will touch on many different subjects with the goal of exposing students to advanced topics that the student may or may not wish to pursue in more detail later.

  • Explore topics that can enhance the interpretation of natal charts:
    • Midpoints
    • Moon phases
    • Planetary type
    • 12th house issues
    • Special issues when interpreting Natal Charts of infants/children
    • Career astrology
    • Medical astrology
    • Indicators of karmic or past life issues
  • Learn techniques that allow astrology to predict future possibilities and potentialities.  Techniques could include:
    • Transits
    • Progressions
    • Solar Return Charts
  • Explore how different approaches to chart comparisons can help understand relationship dynamics.  Approaches could include:
    • Composite charts
    • Synastry


What Is Included in the Advanced Astrology Course

  • Numerous handouts or a manual covering the topics discussed
  • In-person instruction with time for questions
  • A copy of all required charts and tables
  • The opportunity to view an online video of each astrology class.  Each video will be available for 1 month following class meetings, and anyone who is registered for the course will be given access to it.  This is a wonderful opportunity for (a) those who were present at the class and would like to review some or all of the class content in order to “lock in the learning” and (b) for those who have to miss a class for any reason.

NOTE ABOUT VIDEOS:  The videos of each class meeting are ONLY provided for those who are enrolled in the course and either had to miss a class or would like to review what was covered.  Unfortunately, Anne’s courses are not yet set up for distance-learning opportunities.  You must be able to attend each class in person.  However, Anne does hope to convert many of her courses to online classes in the future.  Therefore, please be sure to join Anne’s Online Community so you can be informed when the online courses  become available.


Special Requirement of All Students Enrolled in Advanced Astrology Course

Learning astrological information is a cumulative process (i.e., understanding new information requires understanding previously presented information).  Therefore, if you enroll in this course, you will need to make a commitment to review the video of a missed class before attending the next class.  Time cannot and will not be spent in the next class getting you “caught up.”


Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the course, you can receive a full refund of your tuition.  However, in order to qualify, you must (a) request a refund before the 2nd class meeting and (b) return the workbook.



Registration Information for the Advanced Astrology Course

DATES:  4th Thursdays. The next start date is currently being selected. To provide input regarding the date of this and other IMPART classes, please be sure to join Anne’s Online Community. In the meantime, please check Anne’s Calendar regularly.

TIME:  7:00-9:00 p.m.

PREREQUISITES: Both (1) Beginning Astrology: Understanding Yourself and Others and (2) Intermediate Astrology: Aspects, Configurations, Patterns, and Basic Chart Interpretation with Dr. Anne is very strongly recommended.

TUITION:  Course includes ten (10) 2.0 hour classes, in-person instruction, access to video archive of class meetings, manual, and all astrological charts.

  • TBA if paid in full
  • Optional Payment Plans**
    • 2 payments of TBA
    • 3 payments of TBA

**Payment plans include an administration fee

NOTE:  IMPART uses PayPal as our method of invoicing and for processing payments made with a credit card provided over the phone.  If your method of payment is PayPal and if a refund is approved, then the refunded amount will be the total that was charged, minus the PayPal merchant fees (i.e., 2.9% of the total plus a 30¢ transaction fee).  Click here for information about IMPART’s Refund Policies.


  • The first payment must be received in order to confirm registration in the course.
  • The student can select the date of the additional payment(s).  If a 2-payment plan is selected, then the 2nd payment must be received no later than the 2nd class meeting.  If a 3-payment plan is selected, then the 2nd payment must be received no later than the 2nd class meeting, and the 3rd payment must be received no later than the 3rd class meeting.
  • For any additional payments, the student must either (1) provide a post-dated check(s) or (2) provide credit card authorization.

PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: Contact us at or call (714) 599-0017

LOCATION: Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center, 540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite 108, Santa Ana, CA


Astrological Charts for Advanced Astrology Course

As part of your tuition, you will receive all charts used during the course.  This will be for you or for one person of your choosing.

Anne would be glad to prepare additional charts and tables for your family or friends.  There will a $15 charge per Natal Chart and an additional $5-20 for any additional charts or tables requested (e.g., aspectarian) of your natal (AKA birth) chart.



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  2. Anne also teaches the following Astrology courses:  (a) Beginning Astrology: Understanding Yourself and Others and (b) Intermediate Astrology: Aspects, Configurations, Patterns, and Basic Chart Interpretation.
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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.