Psychic Development/Mediumship Classes, Reiki Classes & Law of Attraction Classes in Orange County, California

IMPART offers a wide range of psychic development classes, mediumship classes, Reiki classes, Karuna Reiki® classes, and Law of Attraction classes in Orange County, California.  Based on 30 years of teaching experience, Anne Reith, Ph.D., has developed a curriculum that will allow you to explore your metaphysical and spiritual gifts and interests within a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

All IMPART classes/workshops and Anne’s Certification Programs for Psychics, Mediums, and Healers are designed to address the needs of  . . .

  • Those who are ready to discover how to connect with Spirit for the first time.
  • Those who are ready to learn how to connect to Spirit on a more consistent basis.
  • Those wishing to work professionally as a psychic, medium, or healer.

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NOTE:  For more information about IMPART classes, see FAQ’s About Classes and Workshops.

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