DECEMBER 21, 2012 – Celebrate the next step in human evolution

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For many years, certain people within the metaphysical community have talked about the Mayan calendar predicting “the end of the world” in 2012.  However, my guides have repeatedly and consistently told me that this “prophecy” is based on information that has been taken out of context.  Yes, if you believe in the Mayan calendar, we will be ending a major evolutionary cycle for humanity in 2012.  However, there will be no “end of the world” . . . there will simply be “an end to the world as we have known it.”

There is much astrological support for this.  Unfortunately, a thorough discussion of this is beyond the scope of this blog post.  In sum, a “quickening” in the evolutionary process of humanity actually began in August 1987.  This was the time referred to as the Harmonic Convergence, which is correlated with events and dates in the Mayan Calendar.   At that time, eight of the ten planets in our solar system were in a constellation that is referred to as a Grand Trine.  This is a very positive, harmonious constellation, and the Harmonic Convergence is often described as a time when the Earth’s energy shifted from “warlike” to “peaceful.”  Since that time, a series of additional astrological events have supported and accelerated our movement away from “separation” and “conflict” and toward “unity” and “oneness.”  These astrological events will continue for the next few years.

According to the Mayan Calendar, on December 21, 2012, we will see the end of this era in humanity’s history and the beginning of a new 5,125-year cycle.  I do not believe there will be an “end of the world” or “catastrophic events.” Luckily, more and more metaphysical people are retracting their previous “doom and gloom” statements about 2012. They are now saying that 2012 does not mean a physical death . . . it simply means we are ending one era in humanity’s history and beginning a new one.  Thank goodness more and more people are recognizing this “truth”!

Be aware, though, that there will continue to be those who want you to believe in the negative interpretation of these prophecies.  The continued existence of “doom and gloom” prophecies is the result of dark energy that still exists on the Earth plane.  They want you to be in fear, because if you are afraid, then you won’t move forward . . . we won’t evolve as a species.  These energies want us to remain in fear so we don’t grow and evolve!

And yes, there will be a large segment of humanity that won’t be ready for this evolutionary leap, but that’s OK, too.  These souls are experiencing what they need to experience in order to learn the lessons that they need to learn in this lifetime. However, those of us who are already making this evolutionary shift will now be in a place to help those souls who are still focused on war, conflict, and separation.  Due to our efforts, we will be able to help them move toward beliefs in “unity” and “oneness” more quickly than we did.  We have paved the way for them and will assist them in their evolutionary process simply by being beacons or anchors of Light and “oneness.”

So after December 21, 2012, our evolutionary process as a species will continue.  As a species, we will be different.  We are being “reborn” as a more evolved species. For example, as a result of our continued evolution, the veil between our world and other dimensions will become thinner and thinner.  Many more are feeling drawn to study metaphysics and to learn how to use psychic skills to communicate with those on the other side of the veil.  And many are also feeling drawn to use energy in new ways (e.g., using energetic healing modalities such as Reiki).

And above all, it’s important to remember that the Law of Attraction is very real!  If you think negative thoughts (i.e., “doom and gloom”), then this increases the chance that you will draw into your life what you believe.  So if you believe the negative prophecies and you believe that you will be involved in something catastrophic on December 21, 2012, or anytime during the year 2012 or beyond, then you probably will!  I encourage you to change your thinking and change your life . . . and thereby change your future!  Our challenge now will be to find ways to move away from any fear-based beliefs and to start focusing on the wonderful future that is ahead of us as Lightworkers . . . and as a species!  For those who are ready, the year 2012 and beyond will be a time when we embrace that we are all truly one!